GG : Made in China

“Galunggong” (GG for short) known as poor man’s fish is now being imported from China and Taiwan. This fish having the price of P80.00 per kg. is cheaper compared to the local GGs which can be bought at the price of P100.00 per kg. Since the price is more affordable in comparison with the local fishes, consumers will prefer to buy the imported ones. And our local fishermen will suffer from this trade.

Instead of allowing the entry of imported fish, the government should provide subsidies to the fishermen, they said. Because if these were not given and the importation cannot be stopped, then they would completely lose their livelihood.


Top 10 pinoy grammatical mistakes


“Have you checked the pinaka-latest na android phone in tha market?”

The word “latest” is already in superlative form, in other words, there’s nothing greater than that. There’s no such super-duperlative. Therefore, todo na yun and putting the word “pinaka” makes the word redundant.


“The quiz last friday is more harder the before.”

Adding the word more before an adjective really gives me a headache. Just say “harder” rather than exaggerating the word.


I often hear these mistakes. He is for male and She is for female. Merlin’s beard, kahit elementary students alam ang difference between the two.


Its is possessive, like when you are saying that the book is yours. “Hey, Its mine.” And the word It’s is actually a contraction of it and is. Might as well say “The cat is chasing it’s tail” rather than  “The cat is chasing its tail”


“She ate already.”

For a typical pinoy, this sounds correct, but it isn’t. “She already ate.” is the correct one.

7. “IN BEHALF OF ..”

This phrase is frequently used in any awards night. “I would like to thank all of you in behalf of the whole production team.” On behalf is the proper one.


Is is singular and Are is plural. Translation, pag isa lang is ang gagamitin, “The dog is barking.” Pero pag two or more are naman ang ginagamit, The dogs are barking.”.


Too much is. It sounds awful. Simply say “Is mark there?”.

4.  “WHAT THE F”

Several pinoys are mispronouncing the F word. Like, Pather (Father), Plan (Flan), etc.


These two words are singular at all times. Wag makulit.


I felt like saying: “I will gonna correct you muna ‘coz your so mali.” Might as well say, “I will buy this” or “I am gonna (slang for going to) buy this.”

1. “AND ETC.”

Et  cetera  is a Latin  expression that means “and other things”, or “and so forth”. Kaya when you say and et cetera (and etc.) it is a clear redundancy.

It’s more fun in the Philippines.




The Philippines’ Department of Tourism recently released the new Tourism campaign slogan “It’s more fun in the Philippines”. The said slogan had been the trending topic immediately after it had been released. Here are some spoofs of the new Tourism campaign.









How funny. These are some of my self-made “It’s more fun in the Philippines” parody. It really is fun in the Philippines, and posting these kind of stuffs doesn’t mean that we are dealing with What’s Wrong. We’re just simply making fun of things.

Top 10 Hollywood-like spots in the Philippines

1. Ate V’s place – Taal Volcano, Batangas

2. The Sweet Treat – Chocolate Hills, Bohol

3. Count on me – Hundred Islands, Pangasinan

4. Ever favorite – Boracay

5. The Perfect Cone – Mayon Volcano, Bicol


6. Angry Birds Tournament – Sabungan

7. Activists’ Hang-out – Mendiola



8. Smells so goood – Payatas



9. Overcrowded – EDSA



10. Squids’ (Squatter Kids) Mansion


There you go. The Top 10 Hollywood-like spots in the Philippines. Of course, originated by Gov. Vilma Santos. Quite impressive eh.


Midas’ scream !

Atty. Midas Marquez, the Supreme Court spokesperson was apparently accused of being gay because of his “Very Gay Scream”. During a press con he accidentally hit a mic, dis-attached it to the mic stand and reacted in a not so manly manner. He screamed high-pitched which was caught by the cameras surrounding the speaking person.

Some rumors come out alleging him being gay. But Marquez denied this stuffs.

I suppose that there’s nothing wrong reacting in such manner. Anyway What’s Wrong if he’s gay or not. 


Charice a Filipino singer who made a loud bang in the entire Singing Industry is the January-February 2012 Cover girl of a high-fashioned magazine here in the Philippines. Her singing prowess has  indeed, no doubt. But the international artist’s recent cover photo with the said magazine is definitely a big question.

People know Charice as a 4’11” (1.50 m) girl with a big round face and having a not so pointed nose (PANGO in Filipino language) but the modern technology nowadays seemed to be a painless remedy to those people with imperfections. Filipinos which are known to be really keen observers noticed that something strange happened in the cover photo of the “Pyramid” singer.

Charice’s face was smaller than ever, her nose is perfect, the whole package is tremendously beautiful. I read from few commentaries that her look is “COSPLAY READY”. But the question here is; is her recent cover photo a product of photoshop?

David Hume once said “Any person seasoned with a just sense of the imperfections of natural reason, will fly to revealed truth with the greatest avidity.” Therefore, pretending to be you’re not is like screaming to the world What’s Wrong with you.

Funny Filipino Signages.

Look at the spelling. WE PEPIAR instead of “We Repair”; REPRIGERETOR instead of “Refrigerator”; ELECTRECT PAN instead of “Electric Fan”; OBEN TOOSTER instead of “Oven Toaster”; PLAT IRON instead of “Flat Iron” and the last & OTHER’S,  with apostrophe. even the M.S. Office’s Grammar Checker turned red when I tried to type these ridiculous words.

Not all Filipino are grammatically literate. But as a country partly occupied by westerners, learning how to speak in Uncle Sam’s tongue is a must. And to be able to go with the flow of the fast changing world, Every Juan should adapt this very stuff. Be a critic to see What’s Wrong .